Forum Title: Entry door sticking after new paint job
I just did a strip and paint job on the 45 year old entry door to our house in California. The door is solid wood with luan ply facing, and was in pretty good shape. It was previously stained. I used an oil-based stain blocker primer, two coats, then two top coats of exterior latex semi-gloss, in bright white. The paint job looks fine. However, even after waiting for more than a week before installing the new (vinyl) weather stripping on the door stops, the door now sticks badly to the weather stripping when it has been closed for any length of time. In the morning it takes a pretty hefty tug to get the door to open at all. It is particularly sticky at the top corner on the non-hinge side. My question is whether anyone has any bright ideas as to something I can wipe onto the edge of the weather stripping to help this situation? If not, I guess I'm going to need to do a repaint of the exterior surface of the door - but how do I make sure that this time I get a paint that will not cause the same problem? All thoughts appreciated!! Thanks Ian
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ALBERT STEWART (Johns Creek, GA), 01/02/2019

Your windows probably have nailing fins so you will have to remove them by removing the sash(s) which should be easy enough. The next step is a lot more difficult. You will want to cut the side and top and bottom frames in half creating 8 separate pieces and then pry them out and away from the framing, quite literally tearing the fins off the nails. It wont be easy but it is effective. you will be left with a stud opening. Be careful of the glass

- AUDREY SANTOS (Dublin, CA), 02/24/2019

Try rubbing a white candle on the weatherstrip, or parafin if you happen to be a canner. I was going to say some spray dry lube, until I saw the color of the door.

- DON AUSTIN (Montebello, CA), 02/23/2019

Thanks guys. The paint I used was Valspar, from the blue big box. I guess I should have known better, although the paint went on fine (aside from the sticking). Earlier today I used lacquer thinner to clean off the vinyl weather stripping, then applied parafin wax. I thought I'd try the easier fix first. Let's see if I can get out of the front door tomorrow morning! I suppose the longer term, more permanent, fix is to repaint with oil-based enamel. Hopefully I can find something that can be applied over the current finish - I'd hate to have to strip the door down again - not sure if the luan veneer would survive a second sanding! Thanks again for your help. Ian

- FERNANDO WARNER (Macon, GA), 02/06/2019

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