Forum Title: Anything to seal under door threshold?
Our front door has always been very cold in the winter, and the frame swells up until the storm door no longer closes. I finally took off the inside trim and, sure enough, whoever installed it didn't do anything to fill the gaps between the rough-in and the door itself. Now, after a can of Great Stuff (Door and Window) and two tubes of silicone (the first was old and blew up on me), all the visible gaps are sealed. Then I started thinking: what about underneath the door? What does that look like and is there likely to be any sort of gap that needs to be sealed? The inside threshold is a strip of oak: any idea how that might be held on and how to get it off without damaging that or the hardwood floor? Other similar ones in the house have finish nails, but I don't see the nail heads on this one. The light isn't very good there, but do you know of anything else they may have done? Is there enough likelihood of a gap to make it worth taking off while I have the trim off?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KATHERINE ROGERS (Mount Pleasant, SC), 01/07/2019

Yes, LoE is worth it. Quality French doors that open in would still be able to have swinging screens on the outside. Good brands like Andersen make their own excellent quality screens. Some cheaper French doors use flimsy sliding screens, that are nothing but trouble. If you wanted outswing doors some brands offer retractable screens, but they aren't cheap. The good thing about French vs slider is you can open both doors for wide access. Quality French doors will probably run at least $1600 or more depending on options you choose. Look for high quality adjustable hinges, multipoint locking hardware, quality weatherstripping system, good warranty. And I hope you've planned for the construction costs as well, the header will probably have to be extended, sheetrock removed and repaired, exterior removal and repair. Could get very expensive very fast.

- BECKY ROJAS (Topeka, KS), 02/04/2019

hopefully the air gaps

- TERRENCE GARNER (Redwood City, CA), 03/02/2019

Caulking/sealing any gaps around the outside can solve a lot of problems, at least for a while. But the swelling thing raises flags.

- MARY SMITH (Wichita, KS), 03/04/2019

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